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  • Upcoming exhibition at ERNEST NEWMAN CONTEMPORARY

    E R N E S T  N E W M A N  C O N T E M P O R A R Y 



    Date: April­ 11th- May 31st, 2015

    Gallery hours: By appointment, opening reception Saturday April 11th, 4-7pm, Click here to RSVP

    Location: 226 Richardson St. Brooklyn, New York



    Ernest Newman Contemporary is pleased to announce  “Domicile,” a group show presenting the work of Sarah Hollars, Kurt Lightner, and Heeseop Yoon. Each of the artist's work references his or her memories and connections to places and objects that are simultaneously deeply personal and communal. The artists' connections to their physical subjects serve as the vehicle for their individual and stylistic explorations and suggest a qualitative shift in the way we define domestic space.

    Sarah Hollars asks the question “Where does the singular experience/memory stand in relation to the universal?” Treated with equal weight, images originating from both the shared and the private are forced to take part in the creation of an alternative dialogue with history and meaning where the collective is not privileged over the individual or vice versa.

    In Kurt Lightner’s acrylic on paper “Cathedrals of work” series, Lightner focuses on how the role of work and labor formed his family's Midwestern farm-life identity. Visually referencing his family's agrarian past, the series depicts the interiors of his grandparents’ utilitarian barn structures, drawing parallels and disparities between the rituals performed within them to those of baroque cathedrals.

    Heeseop Yoon’s mural-scaled “drawing” uses black masking tape to detail the clutter of objects found in basements, workshops and storage spaces. While referencing photographs of the environments, the drawings take on an exaggerated, organic life of their own, questioning one's memory and relationship to specific places and material items.

    For additional information or to make an appointment, email